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Eighth Avenue 487, New York



The Shanghai Mama in Infanta Mercedes is the very first one of our brand, also the first place we created with all our love and the attention of details.

We located in the heart of the Tetuán neighborhood in Cuzco area, which is very close to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, thanks to its privileged location our restaurant has become one of the most visited restaurant in our neighborhood.

A special place and a kitchen with views give the restaurant the perfect reason to be considered as a unique space where you can hold any celebration or personal event, with our service and traditional food we will make you a lovely and unforgettable memory.

Shanghai Mama Infanta Mercedes, like the rest of the Mamas, has an open kitchen, which can let our guests see the process of their dishes. Best attitude of food and cooking with views are our unique personality of Shanghai Mama.

Shanghai Mama Infanta Mercedes will be your favorite place to go with family and friends, to show them an authentic and traditional cuisine like Mama would.



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